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The Revolution of Jackpot Prize.
Don’t want to miss the chance?

It ain't fun with one reward. Wait for it, we bring you three more striking treasures:

Bronze Crate


Silver Crate


Gold Crate


Why eJackpot?

eJackpot is a major product of E-Legend Ecosystemis filled with the best reward you can find. You will always have fun here as we have provided the extra incentives you can imagine after each order placed in eBO!
Prize Player Win
KLITZ $6,000
gohard $5,000
LosDeXibalbaMC $4,000
Predictable $4,000
dudaxmainmons $4,000
  • Prize
  • Player KLITZ
  • Win $6,000
  • Prize
  • Player gohard
  • Win $5,000
  • Prize
  • Player LosDeXibalbaMC
  • Win $4,000
  • Prize
  • Player Predictable
  • Win $4,000
  • Prize
  • Player dudaxmaimons
  • Win $4,000
  • Our Features

    Simple Rule

    Simple as eJackpot, we want people to approach a friendly and understandable rules.

    Unlimited Reward

    At eJackpot, we don’t set the upper limit for our rewards. Thus, let’s hope for a million dollar prize.

    Scheduled Buying

    Our system allows users to place their tickets weeks ahead. So that you can freely purchase advance tickets.

    Randomized ticket

    Too many numbers to choose? Don’t worry, our randomizer will finish the job for you.