E-Legend – Renovating Global Online Fintech Markets


Renovating Global Online Fintech Markets

We started out with the idea of re-innovation the traditional markets by creating an electronic marketplace that removed barriers and drove transparency and access.

Not just an Application or Website, We are a highly advanced ecosystem

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Build your own referral system to earn our bonus as a passive income method.

The more you trade, the bigger the prize


Don’t have enough time to become day trader?
No need to worry, we allow you to buy tickets and participate in a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity only $1.
eJackpot is based on the lottery program choosing randomly among participants to find the winner. More than that, we bring chances to people, who really want to earn a huge amount of money with a little investment.

More rewards

eJackpot is not the only reward that you can earn. At E-Legend, we create an ecosystem that all the products connect with each other. Besides the ultimate reward from eJackpot, investors will be distributed with points equivalent to their trading volume. You can convert those points to tickets, and wait for your prize. There are three prizes waiting for our traders:

Bronze Reward Silver Reward Gold Reward

Or you just want to receive the monthly interest? Be smart with eSEC


We understand that not all the investors or traders want to take risk in their investment. Therefore, we introduce eSEC, our solution for those who believe in the development of the E-Legend ecosystem. Through eSEC, you can earn monthly interest and receive many benefits from E-Legend ecosystem.

You don’t hear wrong, eSEC will be the foremost token in E-Legend development. This token, aside from trading on eBO and eFX, can be used on our future ecommerce platform and super application.



In July 2020, eBO will be launched as the first product in chain of E-Legend Ecosystem.


eJackpot will come later in September 2020. Besides traders can receive their tickets from eBO.


To expand our category, eFX will be launched as an entrance to foreign currency market.


To increase the true value of E-Legend, eSEC will be listed on the Top 20 Exchanges through our partners


Listing on Top 10 Exchanges, we want eSEC to be popular around the world for a greater purpose.


Super App will be the bridge for E-Legend to unite all the products as well as connect global users.

Finally, we would like to reveal our vision of e-Legend ecosystem

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